D111 or D3

Is it just a fantasy or will Blizzard actually release D111?? I’ve seen the pages in development, the new characters (which I’m not sure I’ll enjoy) and all I can say is “let’s get it started”.

Hurry up please Blizzard!

Yahoo!! A new game to try out. What a great way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon. You snap the plastic off the package, pull out (and throw away) the instructions and the disc. You’re off to the races.

I’m expecting great things with this package.

Many people – mostly those who do not play video games – think kids, teens and young adults spend way too many hours playing video games. I’ve a different opinion.

If you are an adult with a few children of your own, there’s no better way to get to know your children than to play along with them in whatever it is that they enjoy. Like it or not, kids play with things that interest them. If they are not athletic and prefer to read – read their books and talk to them about the book. If they are athletic, play the games they like to play and build a conversation around the game. If they like to play video games, then play those games too. If you’ve never done this then you’d be surprised at the variety of conversations that happen around a video game.

Play games with your kids – it builds conversations and it builds trust. Those are 2 winning reasons to play with your kids.

One of the things I like the most about computer games (of all kinds) is that it keeps your mind sharp, your eye hand coordination finely tuned and your fingers nimble. These are important qualities for the aging population.

Just picture yourself living in a nursing home. Yes – sad really. There’s little to do besides eat, stroll and read a book – if you can. That’s the way it looks when I visit with my relatives. I absolutely do not want that type of life when I get to be that age (and it’s just around the corner!).

If I can’t live at home and I must live in a nursing home then the only thing I want is a good lap top computer and an internet connection – in my room. I’ll keep blogging and playing until I can’t move my fingers anymore.

The only thing that might interest me more than blogging or computer games would be sex. And that’s another story that’s not happening here.

Time for a game of mahjong!


With time on my hands and a love of the computer, I’ve become a pretty good gamer. For those of you who don’t know what a gamer is……….move on! You’ll not be interested in this site for very long.

My favourite game of all times on the PC platform is DiabloII the expansion version. I’ve played all the characters and won all the levels but still want to continue playing. I can’t wait until another version comes out. If there is one in the works I sure hope it doesn’t stray too far from the original version. It’s the original version that keeps us all coming back.

On the Wii my favourite right now is Zelda. But I’m fickle on this platform. I could go for the Wii sports and some of the early Nintendo games like Donky Kong. I’m probably not allowed to mention those names but too bad.

The xbox isn’t my thing. I know that there are a lot of hard core gamers out there who prefer this platform and are probably hooked on games similar to halo – but that’s not me.

I really don’t care to play against the world over the internet unless it’s in board game rooms like backgammon. If I play those types of games then I just hope that whoever I’m up against isn’t the chatty kind. Play the game and get out – that’s all that needs to happen.

Mahjong is my personal favourite and if you’re into mahjong as much as I am you might know about eternity towers. What a game. I’ve been playing it pretty steadily for several years and will soon be at the top of the pack. My goal – that’s right….rarified lightning pig. I’m seconds away…. so stay tuned.

Now _ I’ve got some learning to do with this blogger stuff. So – I’m off to learn and will be back to edit my site. I’ll keep you posted with how I’m doing in the gamer world.

By the way – how many of you actually think you can make a decent living in the world of gaming? Ok – all those who raised their hands must be under the age of 22. Here’s a hint – stay in school, learn something else, find a decent job and keep your gaming for the fun times!

see ya

back soon!